Arkham Gazette ♦ October

Happy Octobers to ya all!

Gallery Spotlight ♦ Favorite October Fanart

Why have just one? Here’s a three awesome pieces of Halloween fanart, showcasing Harley Quinn and her friends Poison Ivy and Catgirl by ArtistAbe on Geek x Girls.


Library Spotlight ♦ Favorite October Fanfiction

While it doesn’t feature Harley Quinn exclusively, this delightful bit of fanfiction delivers a spooky myriad of Batman villains.

Movie Theater ♦ Favorite October Video

Halloween is just down the corridor, and who better to dress up as than the cray-cray clown girl? Here’s my personal favorite makeup video. Simple, and creepy as you want!

(If you do go as Harley Quinn, please send in your picture! Extra points if you did it as a guy.)

Link of the Month

Wallpapers! Wallpapers! This a lovely collection of Harley Quinn fanart for your favorite desktop or laptop. Phone wallpapers will be in shortly.



We (the official pronoun for ‘the one person running Queen of Arkham’) are looking to expand our team (of one)! If you’re interested in working with us, here’s our list of available positions.

  • Sleuth: We can always use an extra set of eyes on the internet, keeping an eye out for cool fanfics or art featuring our own beloved harlequin.
  • Editor: Let’s face it, no one’s perfect. And I’m on that list of ‘ones’. An editor willing to look over blog posts before I press that addictive, dopamine-filled Publish button would be much appreciated.
  • Author: Any blog-post ideas you have can be sent to me in the ‘Keep In Touch’ page, but if you think you’d like to post more regularly, slots for extra authors are always open!
  • QoA Artist/Author/Cosplayer: If you’re a particularly artsy person, QoA would love to have resident artists, authors, cosplayers, etc! Your work would be featured regularly on the blog or our Wattpad/Fanfiction/DeviantArt account.

And finally, a big thanks to the people with the most important job of all: our readers.

Gotham City - Sirens Group hug






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