Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy – A Ship Analysis

Harley Quinn and  Poison Ivy have been BFF’s from their earliest appearances in the Batman cartoon. But many fans claim that it’s a lot more… and the canon has even reflected this.

(Also, I hope you appreciate how hard I worked to find images that were Safe For Work.)



Bruce Timm, Harley Quinn’s creator, has even made HarleyxIvy fanart IOSHO (In Our Sometimes Honest Opinion), and it’s definitely been suggested that Harley and Ivy have more than just a platonic relationship in the comics. They’re often shown wearing little clothing together, or in very sexual positions. And hey, Batgirl ships it!



But things are a little more complicated than that. The comics seem to imply that while Ivy would be more than willing to have a relationship with Harley Quinn, Harley’s loyalties ultimately lie with the Joker. Ivy’s been friendzoned, folks. At least in canon; fanfictions are a whole ‘nother story.

If you take into account their personalities, Ivy and Harley aren’t that compatible for romance as compared to, say, Harley and Deadpool. While their conflicting personalities make for fun BFF stories, they would grate too much in a relationship to really get along.



What’s Currently Canon– Ivy = Friendzoned by Mistah J’s Biggest Fangirl

What’s Logical– QoA actually think the Canon fits Harley Quinn’s story and personality better.

What’s Popular– Among the LGBTQ+ Community, this is a favorite ship fo sho.

What’s Your Opinion– Chime in below with a comment!



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