Arkham Gazette September

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Headline – Visit Harley’s Haven!

Harley’s Haven has been the number one Harley Quinn fansite since the earliest days of the internet. It’s run by Elise Archer from Australia, who stumbled across the harlequin by accident and steadily descended into the thriving obsession we at QoA so admire.

(Don’t be put off by the clunky design of the place; Elise has decided not to change it out of nostalgia to the good ole days… something Classic Quinn fans will adore.)

Gallery Spotlight – September Featured Fan Art


By Akuma-07

We loved the stained-glass style of this piece, which isn’t an original but still looks freaking cool.

Library Spotlight – September Featured Fan Fiction

Two featured fanfictions, since both are pretty short.

Obsession is a oneshot by Enigma81. It shows the broken relationship between Harley and the Joker, but her fixation on staying with him regardless. Beautifully rendered with a simple enough plot to carry the point, but not enough to drown it out.

Harley Quinn is a poem by Mistah J’s girl. (We’ve found poetry to be an underrated form of fanfiction.)

Radio Spotlight – September Featured Song

Hit and Run by LOLO is especially applicable if you think of it from the standpoint of Harley and Poison Ivy working together.



Suicide Squad– There are a million reviews about the controversial movie, and most of you have likely seen it by now in any case. So QoA will be skipping out of the responsibility of reviewing SS. But if we catch a whiff of a Harley Quinn movie, y’all will be the first to know our thoughts!

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn



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