Harley Quinn x Deadpool – A Ship Analysis

With the Joker’s relationship with Harley viewed as abusive and non-romanticize-able, a new ship came into play with just as much insanity and blood-letting. Harley and Deadpool are one of the most popular crossover ships in the history of crossover ships.



Deadpool and Harley Quinn are seen to have insanity that matches up better than that of Harley and the Joker. They have the same sort of insanity, featuring voices in their head. Harley Quinn and Deadpool are both prone to violence, with insanity based in a similar sense of humor and gags, both have broken the fourth wall, and both known for teaming up with other characters.

And plus, they’re color-coordinated!



Harley Quinn x Deadpool will, sadly, most likely never been canon. After all; Deadpool is a DC character. While Marvel and DC have had crossovers (such as Harley Quinn showing up in the Arrow comics), this ship probably won’t make it permanently into mainstream comics.

Some Classic Quinn fans might argue that, without the Joker, Harley isn’t Harley.

But really, other than that and marketing issues, there’s nothing keeping the pair apart.



What’s Currently Canon– Not this.

What’s Logical– Harley Quinn and Deadpool is actually a pretty darn logical ship. They match up beautifully.

What’s Popular– Definitely this. It’s popularity mixed with the fact that it’s very not canon makes it perfect breeding ground for fanfiction.

What’s Your Opinion– Chime in below with a comment!



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