Why You Should Stop Wanting To Be Harley Quinn

The Quinn Controversy: Is it right to idolize Harley Quinn for any reason? I love the writer’s take on the age-old argument.


This is where I would disagree with him, however. He says that even in the New 52, when Harley Quinn finally gets fed up and leaves the Joker, DC is still milking the abuse by keeping her in the costume, and still associating Harley with the Joker. My argument back would be that if you cut away everything Joker-related from Harley, it’s just a lie.


Any woman (or man) who has been in abusive relationship can attest to the fact that it never completely leaves you. You can never just delete that from your life. The healthy approach is to morph it into something else.


As my family’s good friend, a therapist for the US Military, said, “turn the symbols of abuse that trigger panic, fear, or anger, and turn them into symbols of something new.” And while that may not have been the exact motivation behind DC’s new take on Harley (my instinct says the motivation was still the $$$), it’s a point to consider.

What are your opinions?

3 Guys, talkin' about comics

Harley Quinn has been beloved since she made her debut on Batman The Animated Series in the early ’90s. She was instantly a hit with everyone who watched the show, and her popularity has only increased. These days, you can’t go to any convention without seeing tons of people cosplaying as Harley.

I know this, because as a professional creator I have to go to these conventions. The fellow pros and I created a game in 2013 called ‘The Harley Game’. You get 1 point for every person you see dressed as Harley Quinn or some Harley Quinn variant (Captain America/Harley Quinn, anyone?). The person with the least amount of points at the end of the con wins, just like golf. At NYCC 2015 I got over 200 points. I did not win The Harley Game at NYCC 2015.


Now, I don’t have a problem with losing The Harley Game…

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