Arkham Gazette: August

Welcome to the first edition of the Arkham Gazette! In the monthly Arkham Gazette posts, Queen of Arkham blog wants to show off some of the Quinniest stuff found on the web. So dive in, kids… it’s free!


Gallery Spotlight- Favorite August Fan Art


A 14th Century Harlequin by shoomlah on DeviantArt.


Library Spotlight – Favorite August Fan-Fiction

A cleverly done short story from Harley Quinn’s POV. Good voice, creepy vibe, an’ a read that’s right up my alley!


Movie Theater – Favorite August Video

This video by VariantComics shows the alternate versions of Harley Quinn from various DC Universes. Kinda feels like fanfiction!


Link of the Month

This list is a compilation of all Harley Quinn’s appearances in mainstream comics, TV shows, and video games. While it doesn’t appear to have been updated too recently, it’s still the go-to place to catch all Quinn’s Capers!



Alright, I’ll admit. It’s a bit skimpy. But seeing as how idiot me decided to start this blog at the end of a month, I didn’t have that much time to build up the newsletter. I would have saved it for next month, except that’s too rational of me. So rather than just apologize, I’ll make promises for the next few monthly letters!

a) More pictures, more quotes, more insanity. We will make America great again! Wait… wrong inspirational speech.

b) Dragging some more people on board with me. Despite popular rumors, I DO have friends. And they will be wrangled into doin’ somethin’ special for my puddin’.

c) Cosplay tips/inspiration/schizzle. I wasn’t able to find enough that was reliable/worth it for this post, so it’ll be waiting till the next.

d) Jokes. Cause why be so serious?! You’da thought someone’d died in this letter! Geeze.

e) Contests. This might wait till we’ve got at least a few more followers. Art, fanfic, poetry, fan theories… there’s a million possibilities! Or at least a couple dozen.

f) Classifieds. We’re hoping to expand the amount of people working on Queen of Arkham. We’ll have various positions you can apply for if you’re interested!




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