Harley Quinn Fun Facts

Why so serious?! Kick back with some fun facts about your favorite jester.

  • Harley Quinn has a daughter. In a Green Arrow comic, Harley told the pregnant Canary that she “remembers how hard it was”. Harley then goes on to talk about her daughter, Lucy. The Joker isn’t aware he has a daughter; the little girl lives with Harley’s sister.
  • Many fans ship Harley  with Deadpool instead of the Joker. (And several are extremely anti-Joker, pointing out how abusive the relationship is.) It’s said that Harley and Deadpool have better insanity-matches.
  • The Joker actually suggested the nickname “Mister J” when Harleen refused to call him by his clown name when they first started analysis sessions. But after her transition into Harley, she came up with “Puddin'” on her own… and Mistah J wasn’t so fond.
  • Harley isn’t a real blonde.


  • Harley is an extremely capable gymnast, a crack-shot with all firearms, immune to most poisons and toxins, and has enhanced strength, agility, speed and healing factor thanks to Poison Ivy.
  • Harleen Quinzel turned into Harley Quinn and helped the Joker escape on April 1st. Dr. Quinzel had her first session with the Joker March 3rd. Mark your calendars, everyone!
  • There’s a not-actually-love triangle between Deadshot, Harley, and the Joker. Harley is obsessed with joker, Deadshot lusts after Harley, and Joker doesn’t give a rip. This will be explored more in the film Suicide Squad.
  • Joker had a sidekick before Harley Quinn called Gaggy. He was a tight-rope performer that became a clown when the crowd hated his act.
  • Harley’s hyenas are named Bud and Lou.


  • Harley Quinn has been both a villain and an antihero. Although originally she was bad through and through, in the New 52, Harley has taken up a bit of an antihero role. The line between right and wrong are, however, very blurred.
  • At one point, Harley tries to go straight. But after thinking she was accused of stealing, she gave up. “I tried to be good! I really did! But if that’s not good enough… fine. Let’s get back to basics.” In another universe, one created with Bruce Timm, Harley went really, REALLY bad.
  • Harley is bisexual. She’s often shown in little clothing and sexual positions with her friend, Poison Ivy. In the canon world, Ivy is a friend with benefits… but friendzoned nonetheless. Harley’s just too loyal to her Puddin’.
  • Harley often comes across as stupid. But in actuality, she’s a genius. She has a medical degree, and was well on her way to becoming a renowned psychologist. When she does ditzy things, it’s just her insanity getting away from her.


  • Harley Quinn is known to break the fourth wall from time to time; she’ll realize she’s in a comic book, or speak to the readers. For example, what if I was in a blog right now?! But that’d be crazy.


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7 thoughts on “Harley Quinn Fun Facts

  1. Hah these are great! The real blonde one I’d never heard of before! Have you featured your writing with any other tv/movie websites before? Great stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I featured some writing on Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn and BBC’s Sherlock before on a Wattpad account, but nothing with a blog. I figured Harley Quinn had the right sized fanbase for me to insert myself with my own blog. 😉 If you would ever like an article or collection of links written up about Harley Quinn, feel free to contact me. Thanks again!


      1. I think this article would work really well on MP specially because Suicide Squad just came out 😉


  2. Very cool post. I knew most of these just maybe not the details. I hate the fact that Harley sometimes breaks the forth wall. They’re trying to make her a female-DC version of Deadpool is what seems.


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