Closet of Random Harley Quinn Junk

All Harley Quinn Appearances

This list doesn’t appear to have been updated recently, but it’s still the go-to place if you want to collect all Harley Comics, or not miss an episode with her starring!


Best of Harley Quinn Videos

These videos are clips from the animated Batman series, showing Classic Quinn at her Quinniest.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


How to do a Harley Quinn Impression

The best lecture I could find was buried in a Q&A with Brizzy, so I copied the link where she starts discussing Harley Quinn’s voice.

HowCast has a great video on how to do a Brooklyn accent… it’s all ’bout dat oral postuh!


Arkham Asylum

This video shows the cutscenes and some gameplay featuring Harley Quinn. And by some, I mean a full hour of it.


Depressing Easter Egg and Lullaby

All I gotta say is poor Harley.

Easter Egg

Lullaby  [Language warning. And creepy warning. And high insanity levels warning.]



Harley Quinn has a shocking amount of controversy surrounding her character to have been so minor in the DC universe. Here’s some arguments yanked off the webs.

Suicide Squad Design –  lindisfarneisburning

Margot Robbie – Girl-On-Comic-Book-World


More Harlequin Websites

Harley’s Haven



Got more Harley Quinn junk we just have to store away? Contact us! 

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